Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I didn't actually post David and Henning's film there was just a link (sorry!) I can't post a box thing until he uploads to youtube and I don't know when that will be.

The plan when squiffy and now me and Chris aren't going to Alton Towers. We're doing like every free museum in London (maybe we're going to do a different capital each anniversary)
i'm going to try and send you a London postcard (I sent you an Amsterdam one didnt I?)

Anyhoo iPhone posting is ok by email but by browser its off putting - I should be able to post lots of photos but there will probably be lots of posts with only one picture and some randomness on each post. This time last year I was in Harwich having had a headache ad felt rotten all evening. Lovely! Hehe. I was shattered today I'm just a little brain mushed. I had to check the customer service email and answer the phone like as soon as it rang - I think I messed up a few times which is a little worrying but its also a learning opportunity.

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