Saturday, 17 May 2008

Moving Moving Moving

Well today has been a mad day it kinds started Monday tbh!

So Monday we went to look at River Street and was supposed to see Denmark street and Honeysuckle Way (Denmark had been rented and Honeysuckle didn't get back to the Agency in time)

River St is a new build (there was a building there but they knocked it down and rebuilt it which is good because the insulation would be thicker and so the house would be greener and warmer. It was lovely.

Chris, Mum and Dad went to view two more places on Tuesday (I couldhave probably got the time off to go but given the fact that I was about to have three days off I thought it would be rude to ask to finish early. The first was in Appledore Road (opposite Castle Lower School on Goldington road) and the second was on the Embankment (we would have a view of the River over out front wall.)

Me and Chris went away and thought about it we prefered River Street as it was new build and was quite a lot of space. Mum and Dad prefered the Embankment. Chris had made the decision that he liked River Street and that he'd like that one. On what Chris, Mum and Dad told me I
decided that I prefered River Street.

On Tuesday evening it was raised at the Elders meeting about "our situation".

We got a positive response which meant that we could go ahead and organise our references. We put down the fee and decided we'd organise the forms and paperwork today.

We went to London and didn't really think any more about it. We were going to enjoy the holiday and deal with stuff when we got back.

Friday pm
We got home and Mum and Dad had written us a letter. They were concerned that River Street wasn't suitable and that The Embankment flat would be better plus various other bits. I came to Mum's so that I could talk to them without feeling like I needed to guard my words (Chris seems to be a bit touchy at the moment an often gets offended when I come out with stuff too direct - something I come out with to you would just bounce or would be a joke or something whereas Chris gets grr!)

Me and Mum chatted about stuff and I called the Agent to see if I could get an appoinment to view The Embankment. I called and they said that it had already been taken while we were away. Me and Mum decided even if we stayed with the River Street flat we needed something to compare against.

We looked on rightmove and found the flat in Kimbolton Avenue. It's £25 more than our budget but we thought we'd have a look we didn't have to go with it. The guy I spoke to then suggested that we look at this other property up in Brickhill. Its further away than we really wanted to move but it was worth a look - you know see what we could get for our money.

Saturday 12pm

We went to the flat in Kimbolton Avenue. It was lovely!!!! The living room is huge!!!! There is a second bedroom and although there isn't a bath to soak in there is a nice shower. The kitchen has black wood doors on the kitchen units which I'm not keen on but there is a dishwasher!!! Woohoo clean plates!!!!

On the other hand the house in Brickhill was nasty. The lino in the kitchen was peeling up the cooker was probably older than me. The bath was dated and the shower head was old and ran off the taps. I would have a field day doing over the house but then the landlord would up the rent probably lol.

Chris wanted to go with River Street but Kimbolton Avenue ticked so many more boxes. Ok its an older building and so might cost more to heat but it has the space we could do with. When you come to stay you'd have your own room (for now you'd still be on the sofabed but at least you'd have the privacy.

I will be back with the next section in a few minutes. I'm worried I might lose this so I want to save it (well post it)

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