Saturday, 3 May 2008

A Blog at 1am

Heya beautiful

There are a couple of reasons for my blog tonight.

1. i think it's about time i updated from my world

2. i cant sleep... bit like something on my mind although i think there is a lot of stuff so it's in my mind like spaghetti that needs untangling.


ISSUES! the socks were slightly mad in the pic!

Wii is up and running. I played 3 hours of tennis, bowling and baseball which has made my right arm v v sore lol all fun fun fun though... I hadnt plugged the sensor bar in properly DUUUUR!

I got a bit of a rude text off scott on monday night. I kinda put it to the back of my mind but it has been creeping forward every so often so tonight i decided to do something about it and i phoned him. He was really sorry for the way it came across but wasnt meant to be hurtful and it kinda put my mind at ease. I still wish we could sort things out, bang our heads together and go back to happier times together. It's strange that after nearly a year i still love him loads. I guess he just thinks it in a friendship kinda way which is better than a kick in the teeth but is still a bit like a stamp that wont stick!

I know that i should be grateful for what i have, I am but i guess its the human way of always wanting more that gets me down. I'll keep putting up a front for now and maybe one day have the guts to say what i really feel. (at least i know that there's always one person that will be all ears).

I looked at my WWJD wrist band today and i felt a sense of understanding. i know that was psychological but it worked for me.

Anyway, to back track from sunday (which for other readers is when i left bedford for notts... again!)

Sunday night i was shattered and went to bed, monday i went to work and then went out with ashleigh for a meal. We spent 3 hours in the pub just chatting and being all chilled.

Tuesday was an average day at school, didnt do anything on the eve which was really welcomed lol

Wed i went to work... again. Wed eve i went to buy the wii, went to band rehearsal and then came back to set wii up... didnt work so phoned u in a sulk lol. Went to bed sulkin

Thurs woke up and had a brain wave to check everythin was plugged in. I read that if you turn a digital camera on, u can see the ir lights on the sensor bar for the wii... I did it and no lights so i checked it was plugged in and it wasnt all the way in!!! duuuur! I then set a mii before i went to work. work was ok and then had pub work at night.

Today was inset day at school but i still had to go it. We had autism training which i found v useful but a lot of it was stuff i've already done either in psychology or when we were preparing for grange stuff. Still, always good to revise!
We went to sainsburys for tea... i then had to dash for work in the pub. Was kids disco and me n phil were in the main bar by ourselves. I went to school with phil, he's 2 years younger than me but we get on ok. I was really bored coz there was no1 comin to the bar so i started to dance around. The dj (also called phil) started to say things through the mic about me gettin on the dancefloor and me n phil bein sandy n danny from grease so we were goin along it was hillarious... At one point we were doin ballroom dancing *v badly* behind the bar n dj phil shouts out, they're on the next series of strictly lol. All these lil girls ran up to me and wanted me to dance with them... DJ phil shouted out that i was gonna come and dance with the kids so for a laugh i said i would. The bar was really really empty! Bar phil didnt think i would coz it's really not like me in the pub to do this but i went and got up on the stage infront of all the kids and danced (holiday rep stylee) to cha cha slide, the superman song thing and a few other similar ones like makareana and oops upside ya head. Bar phil was creased over laughin and even some of the regulars (and my boss's wife) came over to watch. I was slightly embarrassed but couldnt just stop lol. Noreen loved it (boss's wife)... said it got everyone up lol. A lil girl came up to me cryin. I asked her what was wrong and she said her mummy had said it was time to go and that she wouldnt see me again so to say bye bye. lol. i just told her i would be back next time lol. Bless.

Since i've been home i have phoned scott coz i'm missin him and wanted to get to the bottom of the text. Then i decided to come on here.

I'm about to go now but a few last things...

Thank you and chris for letting me stay for your birthday,
Thank your mum n dad for the lovely beefeater meal

I hope you've had a good time since i left and that my departure hasnt jolted u too badly.

Cant wait to get on the wii to play against u online

And finally, other than i love ya lots i will leave u with this pic of milo taken 2 days ago after getting his summer do!

Love hannah.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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