Thursday, 29 May 2008


Sorry that it's taken me so long to write here. I've just read up on the latest happenings... congratulations on being a godmummie!

I'm currently sitting in bed after having a big tidy up in my bedroom.... it was well overdue!

I really miss you lot (uni lot)... i actually really really miss being at uni, the nights out, the nights in, the random trips, my old house mates (and honourary house mates), dave singing before going to karaoke. hehe, happy days!

so, what can i say... quite a bit has been happenin here. I've seen more of Tim (got to think of a nickname for him)we went out the other week for a picnic (when it was scorching hot), i think i may have blogged about that though. He's being so so nice to me that i'm feeling almost bad. He's really really funny and has such a kind heart. very caring. I dont think i am particularly attracted to him physically which hasnt bothered me that much in the past but maybe thats why past relationships havent worked! i dunno... i need someone to shake something into me so i know what to do lol. I stayed at his house 2 weeks ago (not planned - i was driving and by the time we got back from having a meal i was feeling really rough and just needed to sleep so i called home and dad said that i was being sensible staying) he fetched me a beechams first thing in the morning so i would feel ok for driving home. Last tuesday he came and took me to the pics. we saw what happens in vegas... v funny! Actually, he payed for dinner so i insisted on paying for cinema. On sunday, after work, i went to his. We met up with some of his friends for foodage and then went home to watch st trinians on dvd. We were both really poorly that night (think it was the chicken we had eated out)... thought we would have to cancel twycross on monday but we both took the family supply of imodium plus between us... needed to get rid of the stomach cramps coz i was in so so much pain. We went to teycross and the rain held off! i got loads of photos. Tim did something really sweet when we were there (just to get you in the know before i carry on, Tim used to be stationed at the zoo when he did his ambulance stuff... he was kinda like resident medic... he used to walk round and obviously knew ppl that worked there including molly and nathalie who owned it... anyway, he became really really fond of a gorrilla called Joe, he used to spend hours and hours with Joe when he wasnt looking after poorly peeps) we went round and eventually got to Joe, i was croutching on the floor and Joe was right up next to me against the glass... Tim was stood up behind me and was doing like a kiss action (i didnt know), the next thing Joe kissed at me... I went all girlie and was well chuffed, turned round to tell tim, he put his thumb up and smiled at me... i was like "you just did that didnt you" and he was like "nooooooo what makes u think that" laughing! I just thought it was so sweet. There were other little communication things that he did throughout the trip that the keepers apparently do. I had such a good time that i stayed at his house on monday night too... came home early tuesday morning coz he had work and i had already made plans to take grandma out.... Something i also learned about tim was that he is a christian from a very christian background!!!!! his mum and dad go to church every sunday (his dad twice).

Bex n Si have a new house! it's an absolute bargain and really made me think that if i was with someone i would get myself on the property ladder!
Bruv has moved into his new place so is now free from trixibelle! Just me to flee the nest now!

My uncle came round today and was chatting to mum n dad... i went downstairs just as he came off the phone to his son. He had tears in his eyes so i asked if he was ok. He said he was fine, he's gonna be a grandad! matt had phoned him on the way home from hospital and matts wife, kat is having a baby. She'd gone in coz she hadnt been feeling too well and is usually very well... a happy suprise for them both.

OK, now i want you to brace yourself..

I'M COMING TO BEDFORD ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!! i was going to suprise you and come on saturday but i have been called to work on saturday coz i booked sunday off (it's bedford games). Sarge is driving us down on sunday morning and then bringing me home, stayig here sunday night and then taking me to work on monday coz mum's going away on monday. Hopefully we will be able to meet up at some point on sunday. I will be at the athletics stadium. I dont know what the plans are yet coz i have to rely on sarge. If you already have plans, dont worry because it is last minute. I have a couple of gifts for you and i will bring them.

I'd better get me some sleep now though, have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Night night godbless.xxxxxxxxxx

kewey out.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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