Tuesday, 6 May 2008

This guy rocks!!!

Hey you!!!

How is Mummie K? As I spoke to you earlier you were off to get her
from school.


This blog is written by Dave who goes to Woodside - the first holiday
club I did we had to do this dance to a song called Frantik by The
World Wide Message Tribe. (that was before Jumping in The house of God
was adopted)

He taught me the routine so that I could get up in front and do the
actions on the first day of holiday club. I don't know how long ago
but he was diagnosed with throat cancer, he was given less than 6
months to live which meant he wouldn't live to his Daughters Wedding. :(

Lots of people have been praying for him both at Woodside and over in
Australia (his daughter has been working/studying at Hillsongs in

Paul just told me that he went back to the consultant early last week
and the consultant couldn't find the lump, he was sent for an MRI (or
CAT - I'm not sure) and the docs still couldn't find it. He's had
another lot of Chemo to be on the safe side.

He's healed how awesome is that!!!!

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