Wednesday, 21 May 2008


When I was at school in the Sixth form I had this friend called Hazel. We'd met at Woodside in the 18-30's group. She was a drama student as well and was completely potty so we got on really well. We even went and sat though troy because it was slightly related to the play we has to so (secretly it was to drool over Brad Pitt in a skirt - thankfully my tastes changed although he does do a good Vampire in Interview with The Vampire) She was one of my best friends - her and Cat didn't get on - funny how that happens lol. We both went off to uni I stayed in Bedford and she moved to Nottingham. We kept in touch but only kinda once in a while, We'd go to the cinema during the holidays and meet for pizza but it wasn't the same as seeing her at church every week. (less than when I see Kerry).

In one of our sporadic conversations, she tells me that she has this boyfriend called Jaz and although he wasn't a Christian he supported her beliefs. Well I've heard that a few times and knew that if anything he was going to pull her away from being a Christian rather than making her faith stronger

Back in about January before uni finished, she told me that she was pregnant with his baby. I was happy for her but I was also really worried – she was going to try and finish university while being 5-7 months pregnant.

Well I did what I could to keep in contact with her after all she was one of my closest friends at one point. I emailed her and kept her up to date with what was happening to me even if I didn't hear from her. About two weeks ago we started talking properly again over msn. Her baby was born in September 08 even though she was due in November. Her name is Isabelle and she is beautiful she is a lovely little baby.

We had this whole chat about Isabelle being born early and how Jaz ended up becoming really mean and horrible to her so much so that her and Isabelle moved back to Bedford about a week before Christmas. Then she asked if I'd like to go round for tea and a catch up as I'm one of the few people that she thought about and wanted to make contact with when she moved back to Bedford. I was so chuffed. I texted her to check it was ok to go round for tea but I didn't get a reply. I then spoke to her this afternoon – Jaz had made things difficult and so me going round for tea was the last thing on her mind. She asked if I would like to go round and we've set a date for me to properly go round for tea, she also asked me if I would be Isabelle's Godmother!!!!! EEEKkkk!!!!! How scary is that?!?!?!

I mean I don't mind the whole being a Godmother thing I think it would be seriously cool but I have no idea what it entails other than kinda being there to help when needed and lending a listening ear if she needs someone as she grows up. I know that my Aunt and Uncle were kinda appointed as my Godparents but they weren't if that makes sense. I was dedicated rather than Christened so rather than having people who are appointed as Godparents you have 2 or 3 people who stand up in front of the church and accept that they will help to guide the baby (in this case me) in their Christian walk. So when I was in a litttle bit of trouble at school Paul was the one who sat me down to talk about it.

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