Sunday, 2 March 2008

Really sorry

Hi Hannie pants,

So sorry i missed your text. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is the job then?

My week has been quite poop.

Found out on thursday that we have got ofstead in on monday so schools been manic. After my last post, danielle came off the ventilator, but 2 days later had a massive re lapse and is back on life support... v v poorly lil one.

Have been working in the pub more coz of being short staffed. Had to call 999 last night coz one of the members of staff collapsed.

Tim (my bro) called this morning, Fiona has cheated on him and he's called the relationship a day... i feel so so sorry for him, he's put so much into that house and the guinea pigs and now he's losing it all... she went with an engaged man the home wreckers!!!!!!! I HATE CHEATS! I told tim that i'd go and pick him up whenever he wanted. bless him!

Anyhoo... i'm gonna put possitive head on coz it could all get me down... i'm sooooooo seriously chuffed that u got a job my lovely... you can say good riddance to the old place now :D:D:D:D

Love you heaps and loads.

kewey out.x

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