Friday, 28 December 2007

Christmas kewey style

Hey u... i checked the blog last night before headin off to bed but it hadnt been posted.... it was after the time u had written it though. Ah well.... i've read it now.

Your presents seem seriously cool han.... even the one you think is not you pants stylee lol It's still good and as u said, it was free.
Glad you managed to get through your first marital crimbo happily coz i was worried that u were mega upset after the textage.

Ok, crimbo here was really nice, just 4 of us coz twins fiance was workin in the morning and then went to his folks' for dinner but came to us for tea. It made present opening last all day coz there were some that we saved for when he got here. My presents were... Mum n dad: coat, shoes, peter kay dvd, deal or no deal dvd game, high school 2 dvd, leona lewis cd, girls aloud cd, Bec n si: pj's with monkeys on :), bed socks, shayne ward cd, michael buble cd, Tim: Simpsons movie dvd n money to go towards my new car, my friends daughter got me some slipper socks with monkeys on which are sooo cute, then i got jewelry (which isnt really me stylee but hey ho).

Now for a slight rant: My godmother who is normally quite thoughtful with gifts gave me this envelope. Now normally there is some money or a gift voucher which is good coz i can save or get something i really want. This year i got a printed off confirmation thing that they had donated some money to unicef to go towards an inoculation carrier or something like that. I really wouldnt mind because it is a good cause and a nice touch BUT if i am (in theory) giving money to charity i would like to say which one. If she had said to me i am thinking of donating your christmas money to charity which one would u like me to send it to then i think it would have gone down better. To be honest i think the piece of paper is pointless coz in a charitable way, they have used tree to tell me that the money has gone somewhere.... they could have text me or e-mailed or phoned.... ah well i do think it was a nice touch giving to charity though.


Back to more niceties. A little girl from work gave me a choc orange (allergic) but the message was beautiful, the teacher in my class gave me some smellies, my head of dept teaching assistant gave me a wooden nativity and a ta in my class gave me a box of thorntons continental yum yum. Pub gave me £15 to spend at asda, a selection box and 2 boxes of chocs.
I got more pressies but cant quite think what else at the mo lol.

My first crimbo text was from sarge but i told him that i didnt count it coz it was 2 mins before crimbo lol he laughed.

So, crimbo dinner was lovely, dad cooked it for the first time and was yum! we spent all afternoon playin games which was so special to me. Really made me appreciate what i have. Si came and we opened pressies and then they had tea (i was still stuffed) and then we played more games.

Boxing day was the usual, stayed in bed a bit later than usual, got up, I went to the sales on my own this year. was a bit pants coz i normally go with twin but she wanted to spend day with si. I still managed to spend £100 though :S i am takin a pair of jeans and a top back though! I was at work at 8 on boxin day night. Had a good night really... was made better by a suprise lock in for the staff... i was there til 2.30 and although dad was with me i was fairly drunken on all the free booze.... blaming the boss for that one. I did drink a fair bit but discovered that i really like corona!

Yesterday was a dark day for me... 2 funerals but i only went to 1. my friend (carl) from schools funeral was at 10:30 at clipstone and then crem and kurtis's was at 11:30 in sutton so i went to kurtis's. I know that carl wouldnt mind because one of my friends mentioned that she was there on my behalf too. I know how upset i got about his death that i think it would have been bad if i got there and broke down. I was fine in the lead up to kutis's funeral but when we were in church waiting and ave maria was playing that the tears started to roll... mum looked at me as if to say it's ok but i whispered to her that it hurt coz 2 people i knew and were younger than me were being buiried on the same day. She gave me that reasuring look that only parents know how to do! I was fine then until i saw the coffin, i dont think there was a dry eye in the place. certainly not the row i was sitting on. He had a lovely white coffin with white roses on. It was his parents second child that had died so that made it so bad, mum taught his sister, crystal so she was really touched when they read out a poem that the family wrote called "on crystals angel wings". We then went to see him being buried and gave our support to the family. The burial was worse than the funeral bit to me. I've never been to one and it was so quiet and eerie (cant think of how to spell it). I know that he will rest in peace coz all you could here were some wind chimes from another childs grave and the wind rustling the few trees that were in the grave yard. I came home and went to bed for an hour, psychologically i think it did me good. when i woke up it was like a different day so i managed to carry on fine. Played with milo for a bit and watched the christmas telly that i dvdeed lol. Went to work last night which was again a fairly good one.

Today i am going to sort my room out coz i have loads of washing to do and it needs to be tidy in here coz it's stressin me out! lol Dad n mum are decorating downstairs. Becs doing.... i dont quite know, bec stuff lol Milo's probs asleep coz he does that a lot!

Laura said her pressie made u cry. I havent got mine yet so dont tell me lol... i wouldnt recommend sending my present coz post isnt reliable this end... I have yours but not saying what it is.... get together sounds sooooo good and u never know, i may even drive there!!!!!! ;);)

Big love to you and hope to speak

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