Sunday, 23 December 2007

I think I have Post-Uni Depression

Or something similar.

Having spent 3 years being passed between yours, Serena's and Laura's coat pockets. I am now missing the warmth like crazy.

Me and Chris got in from church and he kept complaining about stuff I had done or hadn't done and so I said I was going to Mum and Dads. Chris started shouting back (and I don't blame him). Once the tears started streaming down my face and I started ranting. It wasnt rants specifically at him it was general things about not having people to talk to, how the closest I had to a best friend who I got to see in person was Mum and stuff like that.

I texted you, Serena and Laura to see what you girlies what were upto over the post christmas weekend so that I could meet up with you if any one was free. Laura has Thursday off but back to work on Friday and Serena gets Tuesday and Wednesday off and then is working two weeks straight. Then between work and seeing Scott it's a nope from you too (I'm not angry I'm just upset mainly because of earlier as one of my rants was about feeling lonely - it even crossed my mind to offer to pay part of your train ticket so that you could come down for New Years or something).

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