Monday, 10 December 2007

When sick - mental internet shopping rules!!!!

How cool is this T-shirt?!?

Even better it's made of a 100% organically grown Cotton - which means usually if it's organic it's also Fair Trade.

I found it at WeComeOne. Their website says that it's Ethical, Organic and Fair Trade - three of my favourite phrases you can't argue with that lol.

I'm even going to order a catalogue so that I can mentally spend lots of money.

So if you are wondering why I am managing to blog when I should be at work - it's because I am still in bed. Yesterday it went from bad to worse - I came to bed at 11pm thinking thats an early night for me I can sleep and be up ready for work. Little did I know - 4am I was still awake no chance of sleeping. I got up to go to the loo at about 4.48 (hehe! - don't worry no suicidal tendencies.....yet!) and came back I reckon that I must have had maybe 4 hours of sleep because I don't remember the clock lighting up at 5am to recieve the signal from Rugby - we have a clock that each hour recieves signal from the Time place in rugby - that way our clock is always running correctly. I got up phoned work then phoned the doctors when back to sleep woke up at 12 by Chris telling me he was going to his tutorial in Cambridge and he'd be back in time for me to go to the doctors.

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