Friday, 28 December 2007

My Christmas


Ok so I promised to post photos of my Christmas but I'm not sure where i left my cable somewhere in the other room after my mad tidy. (I decided that the little living room needed to be tidy so that me and Chris could sit round the table and be all dignified and eat lunch round the table together as it was Christmas.)

So my Christmas day was spent here with Chris. We had a really good day till i got really worked up about the present (so much so it's still in it's box under the tree until my new iPod arrives either Saturday or Monday (kinda hope it's Saturday lol). Chris had been really thoughtful about my presents. He bought me a salt and pepper shaker in the shape of VWBeetles - I said I probably wouldn't use them but they would look pretty when I had the space - which he said was cool. He also bought me a VW Campervan money box - which again I might not use but can look pretty. My third present was the iPod speakers with an 
Cadillac Escalade on top - which is kinda showy for me lol. The spinners on the car wheels spin round to the music and light up to the music - or something like that! lol. So ok they aren't really my think but Chris spent the effort and he knows I don't really like the car bit but the speakers are handy so I am liking them as speakers for my new iPod - if that makes sense. My last present was SimCity Societies. (Apparently the speaker thing was free with the game - so it was like a bonus present - so I have left Chris off the messing up bit because I know it wasn't intentional and he thought I'd like it). So Christmas Day having open the presents (took most of the day as we opened one each pre-church and then had to do it when Chris had breaks in the lunch cooking). 

Chris was cooking for an army or something - he'd done so much food! I seemed to barely eat anything yet was stuffed. I had to like wait an hour to be able to manage pudding. 

From my parents, Chris and I received an amazing quilt that my Mum had made and a cookbook. Just to me from my parents, I got a stripey jumper, a VW Campervan T-Shirt, a homemade bag (in the same style of Mum's), a headband, a Scarf kit, Manicure set and a box of colouring pencils (Don't panic, as Chris said put away one box and use the other then when the first pack are dead - or I start running out of some colours and not others then switch to the second pack). Rich bought me Drastic Fantastic by KT Tunstall - which I've played like 4 times over the past three days! I love it! (Especially Hold On).

Yesterday I slept like all morning (My sleep pattern is so screwed at the moment - it's 00:45 at the moment and I'm semi-watching a film which doesnt finish for half an hour) then got up at half 10 and played SimCity for about 2 and a half hours. We had leftover filling sandwiches for lunch then at 2 headed for Grandma and Grandad B's (the ones with the piano! lol) We arrived first and Grandad hadn't even open the gates. Paul, Tori and Joey arrived next then Mum, Dad and Rich. We had great fun playing Nintendo Wii for most of the afternoon. There were lots of silly jokes like "Joseph stop wii-ing all over the floor" and so on and so forth. We got home about 11ish as we played Trivial Pursuit (even Joey managed to get one of the questions right). I went to bed and carried on reading my book. (P.S. I Love You - it's kinda sad to begin with but it's so good where I am upto). Chris came to bed all hyper and messed around so much that I got the hysterical giggles. I couldn't stop laughing and my ribs were all tight and I couldn't breathe. Chris was trying to be serious to make sure I was ok but the way he was asking me kept making me laugh more so it got worse and worse. I had to roll over and face the other wall and ignore him while I pulled myself together and concentrated on breathing. 

Today was going to be a bit of a stressful one but actually it wasn't too bad. Rachel asked me if I would help her clear out her wardrobe and sort her old clothes out. We started about 4pm ish, and finished around half 8. How the girl can have so many clothes I have no idea!!!!! So after our marathon tidy, I moved loads of paper and old magazines down to the recycling box for Rachel. Peter has loads of sci-fi books and they are stacked on one side of the utility room - I noticed a Buffy one and asked if I could borrow it. Well that was that. Peter got like mega excited and so we talked Sci-fi novels for about half an hour - which probably sounds really boring but I really enjoyed it - yes I think I have found the topic of conversation that is going to save my sanity when it comes to hanging out with the in-laws. Peter then got a fold up box and unfolded it. He then pointed out that if I liked Star Trek I should read this other author's books, and  about 20 minutes later I had a box nearly full of sci-fi books. To top it off Peter then added his encyclopaedia of sci-fi - it's probably as thick as the Haralambos book we had to use for AS Sociology! lol.   

So here I am Christmas 2007, slobbed out on the big living room sofa, semi-watching Serendipity which I love although I don't have on DVD - yet! I have ordered my iPod and it should arrive in the next few days hopefully. I am going to go to bed and try to finish my reading book as on the 4th January whether I go on my own or with other people I am going to see the film version of P.S. I love You. The book rocks so if you would like me to post it to you I will just let me know. 

I am off now. I miss you. Don't forget to write. I would post your present but I am worried it might get damaged - I might send Serena's and Laura's and if they arrive safely then brave it lol or just hang on and we can have a Hannah-mas mid-February time or something so it's half way between Christmas and my birthday lol. 

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