Saturday, 15 December 2007

Pain of different varieties and being touched by an angel... gentlemen do exist!

Heya u,

Tonight i have been to a gig...... my word it was FANTASTIC. I got heart burn tho which mega sucks.

END TO A DARK TWO WEEKS! to add to peoples deaths that i know, someone i went to school with was found hanging in a wood near to where i work.... heart breaking!!!!!!! Absolutely guttered about it. so many people have called him a coward and selfish but in a way that i think only i understand, i think he is so so so so brave! Please dont get me wrong, i dont think the choice of life is yours to make when it comes to death. God has the ultimate judgement in my oppinion but i know that carl had underlying issues. His twin brother hung himself last year in the same woods and i dont think he's ever recieved the sort of help he needed. (probs the twin thing that has made me feel even sadder about it).

Was a mega pants day yesterday. I just wished i was a squirrel for the evening... curl up warm in dark place where no-one could get me... cant really go into too much detail about the day bein on the net and all that jazz.

Today has been better. Was still upset this morning but was school play day so muchos fun.... cant be morbid infront of the lil lovelies... they always put a smile on my face and makes me v v aware of how lucky i am!

Tonight i went to a gig... band called brotherhood and they are fantabidozi!!! Lynn (my "other mum") knows them and so she booked them as she books bands.... they do all mcr, greenday, snow patrol, kaiser cheifs, kean, oasis, verve and nirvana covers amongst others... truely brilliant. I got to meet the boys *2 brothers called ant and matt... matt was lovely he asked me if i was single and we chatted a bit. i felt like a real groupie though and was really embarrassed lol... i have witnesses to all of this!!!!!! lol (one of the regulars called me a sl that ends in ut which was so out of line and matt had a go at him followed by 2 other people.... he left in his drunken stuper. I had really really bad heart burn at the end of the night. i think it had something to do with me madly jumping around like a numpty! lol I was in loads of pain and didnt really want to stand chattin to matt but he wanted to chat so i stayed... he asked if i was ok about the drunken idiot which i said i was fine about.. he's just an idiot that cant look in a straight line never mind walk in one!!!!! Lynn told matt that i had heart burn and he sat me down and talked to me for a bit more and gave me a tip to get rid of it... it didnt work but it made me giggle... he also kissed me before i went back to chris and lynns. what a gentleman?! anyways, i was gonna be stayin at c and l's house tonight but unbeknown to me, dad forgot to tell mum, she was worried coz she couldnt get hold of me on my mob (no signal at theirs) and she came to pick me up... bless... i didnt mind though. had heart burn chalk thing and feel loads better.

I wouldnt say cutting own hair is a brill idea coz of the job.... probs would have been a better thing to do at uni or something.... if your boss is relaxed then go for it... all colour ideas are good but i think i'd steer clear of the pink... ginger not really a good look if u aint a natural ginger.

Hope your feelin bit better. I am, eye back to good now and cold near enough gone! :D grans 94th birthday partay on sunday although not her birthday til 24th dec.


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