Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Shreddies are yummy!

They'd be even better if I didn't feel like I was in the wrong for eating them.

Abby was off sick today so I had to cover some of her jobs at the same time as doing my own which was a little mad all day!
I was meant to finish work at 5 but I ended up working till 5:25 - as I was supposed to be meeting Kerry at the cinema at 6:15pm I was a little paniced.

I came home and at hi speed tried to check my emails - I managed to check them at work but the internet was so slow I gave up and decided to check them when I got home. So I got home at about 5:45 and sat down at my laptop - this was ok except that the battery was running low so I had to try and find my charger while try and disable and enable my internet reciever as it was playing up.

I nipped to Mum's to drop of Rich's Christmas Present then went to the cinema to meet Kerry I was a couple minutes late. I got there started explaining about why I was later then realised I'd talked for ten minutes without stopping! I felt soo rude! I apologised to Kerry for not asking how she was. She said thats cool you were stressed. Me and Kerry went to see Enchanted.

So anyway I got back from the cinema and ended up going to the pub with Chris, Steve, Myles, Nick and Brian. The pub was so busy! All the tables were full and we were squished in the corner. Steve gave us his top 5 and bottom 5 films of 2007. The top 5 were (not in this order!) Sunshine, Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond, Atonement, (I can't remember the other one!!! That sucks lol). The bottom 5 were 1408, Mr Bean's Holiday and three more.

I then came home - about 11ish - I'd not had anything proper for tea so I decide to have a bowl of Shreddies and Chris got all moody at me for eating so late! Hello! I came to the pub with you guys because I needed to get out!

Me and Kerry have decided we are going to see this! Wanna come if you're around?

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