Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tears and Snot


Yeah not very nice lol.

So I have this bug that I'm not sure what it is. I had a headache two days in a row followed by a sore throat and now I keep coughing and sounding really husky (now when I cough my throat is making the normal kinda cough noise but chest makes a funny like soggy sound lol).

Anyhoo the tears were then because Chris laughed at me (i know not a lot but it was the straw and camel situation) and make me look really stupid in front of the whole of youth group and I burst into tears and left the room - Steve's renovations have finished so I sat under the stairs right in the corner (considering I was sat on a wooden floor it was actually really warm squished in a corner). Caroline came and sat next to me to find out what was wrong and I didn't know I just couldn't spit the words out to explain I was upset and wanted to cry. Caroline went and got Chris who came and sat next to me but I wouldn't accept his apology because he keeps laughing at me when i dance round the kitchen or sing at the top of my lungs.

Yesterday was Nick's birthday party so I've decided I need a theme for my party - I decided that I would have a party and try and get uni peeps in one place hopefully - you know enough notice for getting the time off work lol. I was thinking the 26th April but Karen would miss out as Bobby (the nickname of the bump) is due on the 9th (maybe I need it a month early and then prop Karen in the corner on a really comfy chair so that she's there to enjoy the party).

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