Saturday, 15 December 2007

Nope they're not my feet and thats not the view out of the window!

Fat Orange Cat is the blog of Karyn - she runs a very cool shop on (makes lots of handbags so you can imagine why I like it! lol).

Anyhoo was trying to find pictures that I liked from the different blogs I've been reading this morning. I like including lots of pictures breaks up the text and looks interesting lol. (Grrr in the other window I just wiped the items I was watching on eBay! - All sorted I'm back!). This is one of the bags that I particularly like - it looks really big in the photo but actually it's quite small - so it would probably be appreciated but not used very often as I always have so much in my bag as you know! Chris is about to go insane he's decided he needs to go to tesco - two weeks before Christmas - is her nuts or is it just me?

Anyhoo so Matt sounds nice and VERY gentlemanly - Chris would have probably made me stand up even if I felt rough - just like now still recovering from my chest infection and made me lug TV's down from the loft for the games night tonight - thankfully I am going to curl up in the middle of the floor and sleep through the films I think lol.

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