Monday, 17 December 2007

Hey u! I'm getting good at this reporting malarky! it's amazing how i find time to do this but i know for a FACT that i wouldnt stop for the world... this makes me feel so refreshed at the end when i read it all back hehe.

Today (sunday) was my grans 94th birthday party... well, she's going to be 94 on crimbo eve but she's had 60 birthday parties in her life coz her family never celebrated it until one year when my aunties were little and my uncle had just been born they held her first party and she's had one every year since.

I always dread the day because 1) dads family are all so different to me. 2) my younger cousins are all badly behaved and 3) it's always my folks that get dumped on but... This year i LOVED IT! my cousins were so grown up and i really really got on with the one that i usually avoid coz of his behaviour... he's 16 now and he's so so grown up. He's a real lil gentleman. So, we all had a really good time. Dinner was (for me) this wine and cheese soup thing which was scrummy!, main was turkey dinner and trimmings and pud was hot choc cake with ice cream. BEAUTIFUL! lol.
They all came back here for after party and i've just got into bed at 12.28am!
Jack, the cousin i was on about was so easy to talk to. we were joking at the dinner table about random stuff and i bought him a pint with his dinner (hush hush)! They put his dinner on his plate before mine and we had the same thing so he passed his to me... bless him... he was really makin an effort and i've even added him to facebook coz he asked me to! now i can be the annoying cousin! hehehe.

I got asked a few times where sarge was but thats ok... didnt feel too bad about tellin peeps but jack was sweet.. said he really liked him. ah well. Sarge text me today, said he would have loved to come but bit inapropriate... i feel the same.

what we callin twin and fella??? need to think summat up for them. anyways twins fella met family today.... **SHOCK MOMENT** he doesnt really do things by half... presented twin with cribo present today... new addition to family a 10 week old pup, a bro for tikaani and new pups name is milo (at the mo) coz he's a "handbag dog" and twin was puttin on silly voice and said (as if she was pup) "look at milo legs" hehehehe and he looked at her so he became milo and i think his middle name will be noel coz of crimbo. twin said jesus coz of the symbol of life and crimbo and the fact that he is makin her life even more complete but she was worried about the response. I said it wasnt right coz if he was bad she'd be shouting at jesus! hehe. Milo suits him. pics up when i get them done. (v v jealous coz i have met milo now and i really really really want 1)

wuv woo heaps and loads.

kewey out.x

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Calender Page said...

Tink -- thanks so much for the concerned comment on my blog yesterday -- I couldn't find another way to contact you, but maybe you're on swapbot )?) Some parts of NY state have lots of snow but here in the city we had little. It's windy and cold but not too much to cope with You're a darling for caring. Thanks.