Friday, 14 December 2007

Hair Cut

A while back on my own blog I posted about getting a new hair cut. Yeah I know both you and Chris love it long but it's driving me nuts - if I forget to brusgh it then it gets really really tangly. 
I tried cutting in my own emo fringe - it looked cool to start with but I am too lazy to straighten it every day. Now I really do need/want a hair cut. I went all emo and tried to cut in a emo fringe - which works when I can be bothered to straighten my hair. As soon as you google Emo Hair - it talks about cutting your own hair etcetc which I don't mind because I'm up for anything when it comes to my hair - after all I can wear a woolie hat and grow it out if it goes wrong. Also about the cutting my own hair - it shouldn't be that much of a big deal Chris cuts his own (or gets me or Nick to cut it for him!)Emo Hair 1I like the blonde bits in this one....Emo Hair 2Then again the blue in this one is quite cool. As much as cutting my own hair seems like a cool idea but I think my Mum would go nuts - ever since we were little my brother and me have been going to the same hairdressers. Do you reckon I can just use normal scissors or will I need to go to the hairdressing shop and buy some?If I didn't seriously risk getting told of at work I would have my hair done like this...Emo Hair 3 Then again I work in an office, in the middle of nowhere and the small amount of contact we do have with the outside world is quite small. Or something like thisEmo Hair 4 I have had pink hair before. It was like the bottom layer between my ears at the back - I liked it but when the pink began to wash out it started going ginger then blonde completely - The blonde was ok because it worked against the brown/black of the rest of my hair.

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