Monday, 31 March 2008

Another Abby moment

Ok so I don't think I informed you of my first Abby moment (I also bet
that you're thinking Abby uni abby or Abi W. Well no its not either of
them that I am refering to. It is in fact Abby from NCIS - yes I am
still watching I am on Season 3 Episode 2 and I might cry - the girl
agent dodged one bullet as it was caught by her bullet vest but the
then she was taken down by a sniper from a building 600m-ish away.

Anyhoo so first Abby moment I will edit in tomorrow from my computer
at work as I emailed mum about it.

My second is that I took the back off my laptop do that I could clean
the fan hopefully making it stop over heating and turning itself off -
stupid computer!!!!! Is yours any better? I think you just need to
play as I wrote before if you haven't spoken up yet!

I have dyed my hair black again. I'm not sure if I'm just under the
weather or if the dye is making a ickle bit queasy - I don't normally
react to dye - been red 3 times (2 of which were mahogany) black like
4 times and brunette once and that was for the wedding.

I deleted the photo from the email so it'll follow on another post.

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