Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Easter hols!!!

Woop woop it's holiday time again :D:D wooo yeah!

I'm feeling a lot better, smile is on my face and schools out!

Ok, well i'm missin u guys and not likely that i'll be down this hol time :( we've got gas fitters coming tomorrow coz we got a new hob thing for the kitchen. We've also got loads of clearing in the house to do. Trying to achieve the whole minimalist feel but remaining homely.

I've started in my room but i dont think i will ever acheive the minimal feel in there coz of the amount of stuff i have. I really want my own place, a flat or something. i will keep dreaming of that!

Today i went to see one of my friends, Kala. She's been like a big sister to me. I went to her wedding about 6 years ago and she's just had her third baby. A little girl called ceira coco. Shes adorable and looks just like a lil china doll. Casper and cody love thier little sister and they were as beautiful as ever. So i was there for a couple of hours this morning which was ace.

This afternoon i have just done loads of washing and sorting. The problem with last term was that i didnt do any washing so i needed to get on top of it.

I've taken on the family washing too while i'm at it.

Tomorrow i'm hoping to do some more clearing and hopefully go and see wendy who i went to school with. She had a little boy on my birthday and i havent met him yet hehe.

I have band tomorrow night, then on thursday i have nothin planned apart from work :S On fri night i'm hoping to go out but again, nothing planned during the day. On saturday i'm going wedding dress shopping with bex n mummie (she likes it spelt like that for some reason). on sunday i have work from 11.30 - 3 and grandmummie is coming for the day. Next week i have no plans as yet apart from band on wednesday night, work on thursday night and thats about it.

Hope you and chris are ok. Loads of love

kewey out.x

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