Sunday, 2 March 2008

SQUISH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is seriously rude!!! There is no excuse for cheating on someone - whether you are just girlfriend and boyfriend or married. If you don't want to be with someone at least have the respect to call it quits before going off with someone else. RAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Ok I have never met Tim but with you being like my sister that makes him like a brother of sorts (does that make sense without sounding weird?!?!) and that makes me annoyed that he has been hurt by her thats soooooo mean!!!

Did you get Laura's text earlier? I phoned her quickly just after getting her message to let her know that I have the week off between jobs and that she is welcome any time if she needs to just get away and have a breather because from what she said on the phone her Mum and Dad are seriously gutted - as you would be. Her Dad is doing the practical bits. Her grandad was up in Tyne and Wear with Laura's Great Uncle. So if they are to abide with his wishes they have to get his body transported back to Buckden which is causing a huge amount of stress. I said would it be possible to have a service and have him cremated up there so that they can abide by that part of his wishes then have a memorial service in Buckden and the sprinkling of his ashes as by his request. Laura agreed with that - that it would be good because then that way they would be abiding with his wishes. Anyhoo she knows that my door is open and that she is welcome any time.

I'm going to send an email round the cell group about praying for Danielle.

So my plans for this week. Tomorrow morning I am going to Karen's to hang out and play with her new toy. Then she has a meeting at 12 so I am going to hang out at home or play with Abi. We are then going to go to Jaffa for lunch after the meeting. I am then babysitting for Kerry's Mum. Kerry's half siblings are in year 4 and 6 i think or maybe a little older - well young enough that they need a babysitter lol.

Then on Tuesday I had planned to go to London and go to Tate Modern and maybe wander down Oxford Street - My challenge ages ago was to go to London on the train on my own so that I wasn't scared of doing the train or the tube on my own. So it's finally happening on Tuesday. Then in the evening me and Caroline are having a DVD fest - we might watch Stardust if I go and purchase it - well then again I might get to the DVD shelf and find a different one lol.

Erm Wednesday so far is going to Carolines at about 3ish then going with her to get Joel. Then me and Chris are invited to tea before going to cell group which is seriously cool.

Thursday and Friday are just going to be normal days but Laura could show at any point so the week might go whoosh and change!

I am now inflicting Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg on Chris and FINALLY watching 2 Days In Paris - I can't help it I love continental films. My favourite all time film would probably be Amelie which is completely in French and I love than Italian for Beginners film even though it's in Dutch and Italian. I am officially a geek hehe. (Just trying to find a geeky t-shirt image to put in here but my internet has conked out but Chris is OK.) I tried finding a geek t-shirt then I found this one - very Evolution. I'd probably have it printed on the back rather than the front and maybe black rather white - Man I am so picky lol. Then I would seriously look like a geek.

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