Monday, 3 March 2008

Things CAN get worse!!!!!!!!

Ok after last week and the weekend i was feeling pretty pants. i went to bed at a decent time and got up mega early today coz of ofstead. Mum looked terrible, said she felt sick and then started retching. She was adamant to go to school so i listened and said she shouldnt but i took her anyway. She was retching in the car too and half way to school the phone rang to say the house alarm was going off so i turned round and came back. made sure everything was ok (which it was) and grabbed a bucket for mum.

We finally got to school (still in good time). Mum just got worse and ended up being sick at school so i was asked to take her home. she was so poorly on the way home i nearly cried. Anyways i made sure she was as good as poss before having to dash out (by this point i was late). Got to school in record time (hope there were no police cameras about) and then had to load the mini bus with kids to go to a mainstream nursery *which we do every week*... mum has food poisoning from a dodgy batch of scampi!

This afternoon has been ok though. Back at school we had the inspection which went ok me thinks... will find out tomorrow!

Danielle has come off ventilator today so hopefully this time she will last for more than 48 hours on her own!!!!!!


It's Pauls funeral tomorrow. We cant go coz of ofstead so we're having a moment of quiet at 11.00 (when his funeral takes place) throughout the school.

I'm meant to be in a medal ceremony tomorrow for the police but i dont think i will go, it's the ofstead debreif and pauls mum has invited us to her house, it's the post ofstead night out and i have a v poorly mum! so i think they will have to manage without me!

I wish i had the time off to go to london etc with you i just need a break from all this poop!

Love as always.

Kewet out.x

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