Monday, 24 March 2008


Howdy, how you doing?

I've spent quite a lot of the weekend watching NCIS on DVD - I've mastered the art of watching footage on one side of the computer with an internet window or a msn conversation on the other side of the computer.

My favourite character is Abby - she's the goth girl with the bunches. She's very quirky but really brainy. I'm on episode one of disc four which means I've watched about eight hours of it over the past four days. The image above is a cast shot - however it's for Series One and Two.

How have you been upto? I did reply to your text on Sunday but I guess you might ahve been sleeping if you had been in the hospital for most of the evening.

Most of the weekend I have spent on my own watching NCIS and random rubbish on TV. Me and Chris went out with Caroline, Debbie, Rikki, Joel and Abi. We went to Woburn Village to go for a walk. We walked through the village on the pavement then turned up a country path - the path was a huge mud pie - my Vans are recked! I might be able to buy some new trainers early this week - if not I will go trainer shopping on Saturday either before or after buying my acoutic guitar. I am off on Saturday to go to town with my Uncle Paul to look at new guitars - depending on colours and price etc I might buy one on Saturday - in which case I will be posting a picture. I could go to MK Saturday morning before it gets busy to get some new trainers (ooh! or I could go to Asda and take Chris out to go to MK as long as I am back in Bedford for 2. I guess the other option is to head to MK at about 4ish that way it might be less busy.

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