Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Still on the plannet

Hiya Mrs J

Sorry for the lack of communication again. I did get your text and voice mail but to be honest have not spent much time at home due to work... i'm paying for it now though. Had the day off today because I got home last night and a really bad migrain developed so bad that i even had to sleep with sunglasses on!!!!!!!! (must have been a funny sight)... i slept downstairs coz i didnt have the energy to go upstairs... anyhoo i feel tons better now, so much so that i am on the laptop without my sunglasses on!!! hehe.

I popped down to asda earlier to get some bread and ended up being part of a fire drill and the store got evacuated!! GRRRRRRR

I've started to apply for jobs. I'm giving the PGCE another year of break purely because someone i gave the form to fill in and sign so i could send it off has forgotten and its gone way past the application date (partly my fault because i gave up asking after a while for the fear of her getting annoyed at me). I've been sent a form for a holiday entertainment and kids work programme... just a couple of catches...

I have to describe myself... dont know at all what to say


I have to describe why i have chosen the job and again i really dont know how to sound professional... i asked the folks to descrive me but said they would be too biased and they dont know me in that capacity.

GO YOU for the tri lingualness lol
Overall are you enjoying this job? can you feel a difference from the last place already... did you have any expectations of the job and if so does it meet them??

WOOP WOOP at us for the 102! (now) posts. sorry that i havent contributed that much recently.

What did you mean about the visit thing? i wasnt 100% following from the text, call and blog... maybe you could inform me via email to my gmail account... havent checked hotmail for a while so scared it will be full hahahahahaha

I'm ofskies now to check various mails.

Big love

Kewey out.x

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