Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New Girl

So the problem with being the new girl is that I’m stuck in this kind of limbo. There is loads to learn but no one to teach me because they are getting on with their own stuff, also I don’t know enough to just get own with my own stuff.

So I am blogging by email again – this time sending from my work email so hopefully this works somehow!!

I’ve read the two leaflets that I had in my in tray and learnt different works in French for example clé means key and siège means headquarters. I also learnt earlier that “Sie sprachen englisch?” Means do you speak English and Parlez-vous anglais also means do you speak English – the first is german and the second is French.

My keyboard is dyslexic or something. When I press the @ button I get speech marks so I have to do it the other way round – but it’s really off putting because it then takes me like 5 attempts to write an email address!!!!

How are you doing? You seemed to have fallen off the planet again – I just put this down to the fact that I was off work last week and so seemed like a long time between last Friday when I finished at Star and yesterday when I started work.

So in the office I sit opposite Diptee who is from the Punjab via London and then Germany. Behind me is a spare desk (The occupant of the desk is on holiday and I can’t remember her name oops!!!!) Opposite the empty desk is Hazel who is my department manager – she speaks German and French so every so often she’ll answer the phone and we’ll end up with random bursts of one or the other floating across the office. Aunty Alison is about 10 paces in the opposite direction so Hazel is one end of the bit with the desks and Alison is the other end. On the opposite side of the room we have Lee’s desk (he sits in the corner – he’s sales guy so he spends a lot of time out of the office). In front of him is Steve who is the Head Dude of the office – theres a meeting room at one of end of the office which doubles up as the staff canteen and social area lol.

Next to this is an office which I think is for Johan when he’s here – he’s based in Belgium but then is sometimes here – I think he was here when I came for my interview – either that or he had been here in the day.

I get to shut down my computer and go home soon as it’s 17:18. Earlier today I did an order to be delivered to Nottingham and yesterday I did one for Nottingham as well!!!! Very popular place it would seem lol.

Howz work at both venues going?

Hope you are ok. If you don’t have the energy to write a blog post at least text me so I know you are in one piece please J

Smithey over and out!

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