Thursday, 20 March 2008

It's soggy and cold

So chris and me decide it might be nice to meet up for lunch. I come straight from work and park as close as I can in Castle Road to the cafe Chris picked. Well he decided I was going home first so now I am stood outside waiting for him. I don't have my coat in because I thought I would be ok. Thankfully there is a canopy thing outside so I'm not getting wet. Just rather cold. We've been invited to go and see Godspell this evening. I don't really fancy it - can't say its top of my list when it comes to musicals I want to see. I'd really like to see We Will Rock You - however that's another story.

Chris arrived - we went to Jaffa in the end - The Cheese Kitchen was too busy. I asked for Sausage, Beans and Chips - except the fryer was
broken to I couldn't have chips. I asked to have a Jacket Potato instead and they got the order confused so at first i didnt get my beans and sausages.

Going now its taken me most of the afternoon to get round to finishing
this blog post lol.

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