Friday, 7 March 2008

Safe and Sound


Sorry I didn't manage to post more while I was in London - it was soooooo busy!!!! I sat in Starbucks for only a few minutes but decided to move on because of how busy it was. Was there some big event that I didn't know about?

London was cool all the same though but I wish I had had someone to share it will - I didn't spend very much time at the Tate in the end because it was really busy and I couldn't concentrate - I tried listening to my iPod at the same time as looking at the paintings but I just wasn't there.

I walked along the river to the Globe - I was going to go on the guided tour thing but it was £9 which wouldn't have been too bad but it was a lot.

After that I walked back over the river and up to St Pauls Cathedral - I thought about taking a look round but decided that I wasn't in the mood for Cathedral-ness.

I went to try and get on the nearest tube so that I could get to Oxford Circus but I got myself in a muddle - I decided that if I had some lunch I might be able to thing straighter.

So I had my Big Breakfast Sandwich and Diet Coke while listening to some horrible dance music that was playing. I was the only person sat on their own rather than with people - I can see why people often feel lonely in London even though there are people around you. So I read my book and wrote a blog post polished off my sandwich and planned my route to the tube stop.

I walked to City Thameslink and found out that although it is on the map (the main road map rather than the tube map on the back) as a tube stop - you can't actually get the tube from there - you can get a Thameslink train back to Kings Cross but you can't get a tube anywhere else :(. So I walked to Monument or Embankment - don't really remember but it got me to Oxford Circus.

David had told me that if I got the tube to there and took the exit signposted Regent Street I would be able to see the Apple Store from the tube station door way. He said when I came out turn right and head to about number 230 and you should be there. WELL!!!!! I got to 197 Regent Street and realised that I should have turned left out of the tube station and not right! Thanks David!!! So I about faced and walked down to the tube station again. When I got there I turned to my left looked down Regent Street and could see the front of the Apple Store - it's the only building in that particular stretch with big windows. The windows are like from the floor to the ceiling of the ground level.

The shop is cool - it's open planed with all the counters having display products on top and then storage or shelving underneath - iPod/iPhone accessories were all under the desk that had the iPod/iPhone display models on top. I was going to play with the mac laptops but the store was kinda busy. When you go into the store they have a "Welcomer" who's job it is to stand there and direct you round the store - so he says Hello and I ask him where the iPhone accessories are and he points in the general direction - obviously he needs to hover at his post so he can help the next person - and off I went and found them. The staff were really helpful - which was cool.

Wow this is an essay! Sorry! Trying to make it as detailed as possible so you feel like you were on my shoulder or in my pocket enjoying the day with me.

Then from there I went for a walk and went to Carnaby Street - I love it it's full of surfing and skater shops which is cool. There is also a David and Goliath store (You know the phrase "Boys are Stupid Throw rocks at them") well there is a whole store based around their slogans and characters.

I then went looking for a bead shop that Mum found when we went to London for her birthday. It was really cool and I could have spent soo much money in there - NOT GOOD! lol

Anyhoo I headed to starbucks for a drink of some description then decided I was tired and needed to get home before I keeled over somewhere in a corner - I found my way to the nearest tube and hopped on back to St Pancras - I arrived at St Pancras at 3:40 and the next train to Bedford wasn't leaving till 4:10 - kinda annoying - I did have the option of getting on the Nottingham train and coming to see you but that left after the Bedford train and my ticket was only valid till Bedford lol.

On Wednesday afternoon I plotted with Andrew that I would go and surprise Laura - I think it made her day but she didn't really give much away - it was kinda weird - but we wont go into it here.

I had got her a bunch of Pink tulips and a bar of Galaxy - when a friend is in need presents work well so - whats more girlie than flowers and chocolates. We had a chat about various different things including would it be easier to celebrate my birthday in the Easter Holidays if you are down - obviously it's like 4 weeks before and you might come down for my birthday anyway but I thought it might make it easier if we did it then as you have the furthest to travel and you will be on holiday then - does that make sense?

Tomorrow I am off to Hatfield to be bossed about by lots of Animation students hehe - David, Hennin and the other guys and girls in his group are using me as their starring actress or something like that! lol. So I have to look Cyber punk - what ever that is hehe - I am ok to wear bright colours as long as it's not blue - and there is not too much colour - think goth but more futuristic or something like that.

Chris is seriously tired after his road trip - I will need like two weeks notice if you are going to arrive - the living room is a bomb site as I have done like no tidying since you were down for half term - I've done lots of clothes washing however.

I need to redo my nails before Monday - is metallic green appropriate for my first day or should I go with Pink? - I don't really want to as it's baby pink because thats not really me it's my I can do grown up and serious nail varnish. or something like that. hehe I have the option of purple instead?!??!
I had a c

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