Monday, 31 March 2008

My Abby Moment Part One!

So back on Thursday, having been in the middle of watching Season Two of NCIS I was well and truely on a bit of a hype lol. I was working away and my Manager (Hazel) said how she'd been speaking to this lady earlier but she only has the fax number and no phone number to call the customer and say she's having problems. So I take note of the fax number and thanks to my sidekick Google I was able to get the phone number of the customer (as it was a company). I phoned the customer and spoke to one of the girls there. She said that the person I needed to speak to wasn't in at the moment because she was at lunch but I could note down her email and send her an email with the instructions we were trying to get to her. Well I was really chuffed but I don't think my manager saw the funny side (well at least she seemed pretty unimpressed lol).
I told Mum by email and then again talked about it with My Dad present - Dad didnt find the funny side but Mum was impressed lol

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