Saturday, 26 January 2008

Heya bug a lugs.

How are you doing? I'm ok, getting increasingly frustrated! I can drive but i cant! Dad hasnt sorted out his insurance so i cant get behind the wheel. I said to mum it's like having a christmas present without the batteries and the shops are shut!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr. A toyota Yaris is a bit bigger than a matchbox car to push around and doesnt have the same impact hahaha.

Your girlie day sounds fun. Pants about not being able to share a room with Chris, you could have both stayed here if it wasnt so far away.

We sort of had a girlie day here today (minus dad being there hehe).

Twin had a mega breakdown last night which i think has done loads of good to be honest. I did the annoying protective sister thing and just followed her everywhere. I didnt say anything for ages, just followed right behind her and when she turned round i just said in a really happy voice "everythin ok" she near enough fell to the floor crying and i sat with her and just hugged her for ages and let her talk. She said she hates herself for being "weak" and thought we all hated her too. I told her that i look up to her for putting up with what she has for so long and that we all love her but hate what people are doing to her. Simon came to pick her up and take her to his for a few days to chill (he's been away for the week). I was so relieved that she finally opened up to me coz we havent spoken all week! Anyhoo, this morning she phoned mum n dad n said she wanted to come to town with us (which we had already planned to do) so we picked her up from si's and went to town. There was a wedding fair and she really got excited which was the first time in aaaaaaaaaaaages and we were all together :D Bec booked to get her eyes tested coz they've been really hurting her. Her eye sight has changed quite a bit so as my treat to her i bought her a brand spankin new pair of glasses... D & G glasses!!!!!!!!!! she looks lovely in them and they were all ready in an hour. She's chuffed with them coz they're quite different to her old ones. we took her back to si's and then came home. My cousin and his wife came round tonight. He owns a garage but said the market is quite slow at the moment hence me deffo goin on dads insurance.

The pic you sent me hasnt worked :(

Hope all is ok, i'm gonna go and nag daddy for insurance... again hehehehe

HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i can drive you everywhere instead of you taking me places).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kewey out.x

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