Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Desktop Tag

Hey girlie,

How you doing? I was tagged by Ellie at LittleWanda Crafts who had been tagged by Pockets Full of Sorrow, formerly Happy Ichigo. The idea is that you take a print screen of your desktop and post it on your blog. This was my one from work and the one below is the one from my own computer. What does yours look like?

Work DesktopMy Desktop

Here's what you do according to Happy Ichigo:
"Upload your desktop pic, you girls are super artsy people, lemme see your desktop! This is how its work..pretty easy! It's like doing a Print Screen; hit the PrtSc button on your keyboard, but instead of printing the screen, open Adobe Photoshop or Paint, then go to Edit and click Paste. Then save the file as .jpeg like you would any other image file. and whoa you're done."

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