Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Full of Snot

So yesterday I just had a sore throat today I'm full of snot! YAY!

I'm chatting to Tori on MSN she says well done for passing your driving test. We're now chatting about GCSE Choices, she does the 5 compulsory (Double Science, English and Maths) then picks the rest she's got 4 options but they are restricted because of the timetable. So she has the options: take IT and walk away with equivalent of 4 GCSE's or take Geography and something else to fill the gap and walk away with 2 GCSE's. She also said that she might be taking Maths GCSE a year early which is cool because that means she has more time in the second year to focus on her other subjects.

We talked about what she would like to do once she leaves school and she really had no idea. She said about maths so I suggested something science related like the food testing that one of our family friends does for Unilever, or accounting like my Mum or something computer related like her Dad. She said she thought about doing accounting. I said that she could talk to Mum about what she does etc and see if Mum would have her for a few days in the holiday like a kind of work experience: well I don't think Mum would mind lol.

Me and Mum have made a plan to go out for a girlie day on the 7th February. I was meant to be going to York with Chris but we can only afford to stay in a Youth Hostel. Now because of the way youth hostels work, you can only have a family room if there is 1 over 18 and 1 under 18. Other than that we book in as two individuals and I have to sleep in a girls dorm and he sleeps in a boys dorm. So I came to the conclusion that I may as well stay in Bedford than go all the way to York sleep in a strange bed in a strange room on my own when I can do the on my own bit back here and save some money especially as with the youth hostel you pay per person rather than per room that you might pay with a Travelodge or similar.

Did I tell you about Auntie Clare getting re-married? Well she got engaged and she's getting married on the 31st May at a really posh Hotel in Stamford. Their website is here. It's really nice and Mum and Dad are looking to stay over which could be funny as currently me, Rich and Chris are sharing a room - thankfully not a bed! hehe. Chris is quite up for it because it makes more sense than Mum and Dad spending out for an extra room. I am going to bed now feel pooey! YAY!

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