Saturday, 19 January 2008

This or That

this or that for girls
love or hate:love
myspace or bebo:myspace
mtv or vh1:mtv
hug or kiss:hug
boys or girls:both
football or shopping:shopping
spoon or fork:spoon
mascara or eyeliner:macara
summer or winter:summer
cellphone or ipod:cellphone
csi or law and order:csi
funny or serious:both
skirt or dress:dress
hold hands or get close:hold hands
rock or rap:rock
board or video games:board
black or white:black
money or love:love
saturday or sunday:saturday
eyes or hair:eyes
hearts or stars:stars
sleeping or partying:partying
school or no school:no school (mind u, no school = no money for me) SCHOOL
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