Sunday, 6 January 2008


Hey there lovely one.

Happy new year to you. Seen pic of hair and i do like it but my fave is when u had long hair.... i understand your reasons for changing back to short... I didnt think it would last all this time being long coz u said that u would cut it as soon as u had done the whole bride thing teehee. It shouldnt matter as long as you like!

So, how was ur new year? Sarge came here and we had a really good few days together *minus me working* hehe. He got here at about 7.15 on new years eve straight from work. We didnt get to the pub til 9.30. There was a big disco type thing in the function room and a singer in the main bar. Was good but we hadnt had enough partying by kicking out time so we went into town... Kelly lorenna (formally the n.trance singer) was headlining at one of the clubs. Me n sarge got straight in and we drank lots and partayed lots... the best thing was it was like a primary school reunion in there for me and all people i actually liked too... (there were a lot of guys out n not many girls which was a bit wierd but it was a good night out none the less). I took 2 cameras out with me, couldnt get one to work and the other ran out of film v early in the night but still got some pics...This is rich (his mum n dad child minded me when i was 4) he's now in the navy, me and sarge.This is me, not a v good pic was taken in v dark club and bright flash.
Me, not the worlds best pic again lol... I'M WEARING A SKIRT!!!!!!!!!
The sarge has gone v v toned and thin!

Happy days... there we go a few pics. I will add some Milo pics soon now i know it works lol.

Anyways, we met up with some more old school friends and walked home... we saw the remains of a v v v v v bad accident on the way home. the victim is in a serious state in hospital. His spine was through his back and he has suspected brain damage. A car (the driver ran off) came off the road doing about 30mph if not more and hit the pedestrian and a brick wall... We got to the scene just after the ambulance had left. As sarge said, if we hadnt gone for pizza after club, it could have been us... it took the ambulance 20mins to get there coz of a house fire somewhere else in sutton/mans. An after thought shocked me... Thank goodness the ambulance had just left when we got there because if we had got there before the ambulance, and both me and sarge *and no doubt rich (being navy trained etc) being first aid trained and not able to help in the situation would have broken my heart. I would never give 1st aid to someone if i had alcohol in me... so i would have been helpless. As it was, he was taken away in good hands and hopefully will pull through... he's from forest town but i dont know who it is as the police havent given the name out.

Anyways, the day after was nice, gran came for dinner and tea and a few games of cards, was really nice to not have tv on. 2nd and there were more card games, me and sarge went out for dinner and to pics which was nice we saw st trinians and i thought it was so funny... i think it should be a 15 though coz the girl next to me didnt get a single punch line even the visual ones.. didnt even know what tea total is. Sarge bein the person he is, became a v big fan of card games and the skill behind the ones my dad taught us.
3rd, we chilled i then worked
4th Chilled again and sarge went home at 4pm... i miss him but it is really really lovely to know we can be friends at least and i dont feel as attached to him... there will always be something special there but i think it would be sad to forget my first love. He said the same.

I really have got to go now, 2.11 am and i have to be at work at 11.30 tomorrow... going to see breathing space tomorrow night and school on monday... YAWN IN ADVANCE lol

Night night god bless and speak soon.xxxxx

Love to everyone there.x

P.s I still havent got my pressie that laura posted before crimbo :S should i be worried? think i should tell her?

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