Saturday, 19 January 2008

About me

Ok Smithy, i know you know me and near enough everything about me but i thought i would post this so that if any of your other friends see they will get the gist of me too. Hehe. Plus i'm bored, more to follow me thinks.x

Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me
basic info
what do people call you?:Kewey, Han (amongst others)
birthday:27 September
current location:Nottinghamshire, UK
eye color:Blue
hair color:brown at the moment
righty or lefty?:righty
a few questions
do you believe in god?:I do indeed
do you have a religion?:Yep
do you speak another language?:Sort of
do you live in the moment?:Yes, i live in the moment for for the future
do consider yourself tolerant of others?:Fairly
are you confident?:Sometimes, depends what on
are you a daredevil?:Sometimes - again, depends
what is the compliment you get from most people?:I like you, you're my best friend, i love you... to name but a few (not big headed at all - i just have lovely people around me)
what do you like the most about your body?:Dunno, depends on what i wear/make up
do you think you are good looking?:not really, i have good looking days and bad looking days
do have any bad habits?:yeah
what's your biggest fear?:i have a few... dont want to say incase it happens
do play an instrument?:I play 3 (4 if u count voice)
can you sing?:Ah, okies... answered above. Yep
if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?:Lose the scars
what is the most important lesson you've learned from life?:Enjoy it! you never know when it will end
do you think life has been good so far?:It's had it's moments but i'm still alive
is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?:I try not to regret anymore, You can't change the past
do you believe in love at first sight?:I dunno, it's never happened to me but i dont disbelieve
do you kiss on first date?:Yes but not full on
do you have sex on first date?:No!
color:no specific colour
number:Dont have one
food:oooh, mediterranian - salads, also like mexican
drink:winter berries juice or pomegreat
alcoholic drink:corona with lime at the mo
country:canada (at theEEY
season:Spring-summer (the change)
day of the week:PAY DAY!
name:Oliver (for a boy) dunno about girl
have you ever...
been arrested?:No
kissed someone of the same sex?:yes (this was a while ago with a friend)
done something you regret?:as mentioned before i try not to regret
smiled for no reason?:Yeah, it confuses people
laughed so hard you cried?:YEAH, I had the best friends ever at uni
sang to someone for no reason?:I always sing for no reason
talked to someone you don’t know?:yep, kind of have to in my work
been in love?:yep
broken the law?:erm i took a sweet from a shop when i was little, my mum was v angry at me!
been in a car accident?:yep, a couple
run into a wall?:maybe playin bulldog when i was at school? dunno haha
made yourself cry to get out of trouble?:probably when i was young haha
cried over a movie?:YEAH!!!
been so drunk that you cant remember?:oh yes, not good!
stayed home from school?:only when ill / extenuating circumstances
been out of state?:yep
in the opposite sex
hair color:doesnt matter
eye color:as above
height:taller than me pref
body type:doesnt matter
short or long hair?:doesnt matter
tattoos/piercings?:not overly keen but doesnt matter
hot or cute?:WHAT?!
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