Sunday, 6 January 2008

Every little thing is gonna be alright


I spoke to Laura yesterday - She has been trying to get hold of you and Serena - as my text this morning/earlier this afternoon said - she's got some MEGA IMPORTANT news and really needs to tell you. I spoke to her and she said she'd left a message with Twin about calling you when you got her message - she's probably being really humble but it is quite important and very very exciting. I want to tell you her news but I can't its not my place. If you are the last to find out please don't be disappointed - she has tried to get hold of us all so she has made the effort so it's not like she's only telling me and not you - do you get me?!?!?!

Don't stress about the present we also chatted about that I said to claim it as lost post but wait to send a new one - after all if we're meeting up any time soon I could go via Laura's on the way North to yours or we can go to Laura's for the afternoon or something if you're here. There would be another way if the post is unreliable.

I do love my short hair - I need to straighten it but I can't be bother to sit upstairs and do my hair. I also hair black dye so I can dye it went I get chance. I've been watching Heroes - My brother bought it on DVD after Christmas and so he watched it then I borrowed it - I'm upto episode 11 so I think I am about half way through.

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