Friday, 25 January 2008

I could be unemployed this time next week

Yep You did hear right.

I had a "catch-up" to see how I was going this afternoon at about 10 to 5 - well something like that anyway. Celine and Hina talked to me about how did I think I was doing and was I enjoying the job and things like that. Well Celine said something at the beginning of the conversation and that was that my brain was screaming "OH BUMMER I'M GOING TO LOSE MY JOB" and then my chin started to wobble like it does when I am trying not to cry but really can't help it. (It's been about 40 minutes my head is starting to hurt - I have a cold plus crying is not good.)

I'm at my Mum's because I needed a Mum hug but she's out at the hairdressers (She said I could go see her there but I don't have the dignaty at the moment to go into the hairdressers with tears streaming down my face)

Anyway so the reasons I could be made unemployed - I am used to working where you start one job and you dont move to the next until you finished the first (if that makes sense) whereas because of the nature of the business I start one thing in the morning and then in that first hour of work I can have 5 jobs thrown at me that I have to complete within that hour. I'm then struggling with that because I don't know whether to carry on with job no 1 or move onto the next - anyhoo I am going to start looking at vacancies so that should I need a job I'm already looking at the same time.

Love ya

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