Sunday, 13 January 2008

Short and sweet .......just like me!!!!

Hey Girlie

So if you didn't know I've been having a bit of a pooey week. I feel like everything I have one at work this week he been wrong or incomplete. Me and Chris haven't been that peaceful either - I don't know whether it's me taking work stuff out on him or him genuinely being a jerk. I nearly walked home from the cinema today on my own because being with him was doing my head in.

Anyhoo how are you doing? I feel like you and me are drifting apart - like how come you ended up spending NYE with Sarge - that might come across a little bitter but it's more of a huh well I didn't see that coming. Then about Laura ad Andrew for a couple of days I was the only one who knew out of us girlie and I couldn't discuss with you or Serena until you told me you knew. Is anything happening for Serena's birthday???????
Going to facebook you three now and find out.

Remind me to tell u about Tori and parents evening in my next post. Over and out from H's iPod. Mwah!!!'

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