Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Lean on me...

Ok, try not to lean literally at the momentn coz u may poss fall over!

I've just read your blog... long ones are soooo the best and i know that you got a lot off your chest there... you can tell by the way you write. Hey i can literally read you like a book now hehe.

I heard that you and hub were not quite happy and i felt v guilty for semi starting that argument and hope you weren't too upset. (KEWEY'S TIMINGS FANTABULOUS AS USUAL)!
Hey, you do know that if i was there you would be provided with a hot juice and doughnut dont you?!... seems to be a rather good hannah comfort thing... i think you started that one! - I hope your dinner was yummy and worth the efforts (even though negative) that went into cooking it!

As for your taste in music, good choice... hey, depressing music is sometimes good to get it all out of your system!

I completely know how you feel about the time since we've all gone. I honestly thought that you girlies would see more of each other and i would be the one out in the necks but it seems to be much different!
On new years eve i broke down crying... Sarge and my family knew why i was upset and even he managed a hug for me and told me i would see you all again soon... I just wanted all of my best buds together!
What happened to you in the cinema is so seriously out of order if it was blatant ignorace! I cant believe you sat by yourself!

The embankment always seemed a happy place when i was there. I remember us girlies going and having a giggle, us 2 playing rugby with sarge dave and gemma, having happy walks along there, ice creams. I guess not such a happy place for you at the moment.

As for sitting on cold benches... You really shouldnt do that, could give you piles you know hehehehe... serious health issue there my lovely.
Do your work peeps actually give you guidance when you do things "wrong?" what do you do "wrong". Officially add a new person to offload onto... I know that sometimes i am at work but if you leave me a blog or text or voice message i will reply... in fact i think blogging is fantastic to get things off your chest... you dont have to mean things you say but if you mean it at the time, put it down and you know i wont judge. How are the RP lot? Glad Miles is starting to find some peace in his life again and that the ground was soft enough for him to bounce back. How long til baby W? I thought i saw nick on TV but i didnt... cant remember the programme. Is there a reason why you arent talking that much to Umma? You dont have to say if you want to keep it private.

Hey, McFly can be a good pick me up you know! lol (hope the pills are legal young lady, i spend a lot of time with "in the know" coppers - and CID)! - they wont work if they are a placebo, maybe check that one out yeah?! hehe

As for York, I will keep it in mind for work dates etc and... If not then i should definately have my car by then and a licence (i may be giving too much away) and I might be able to make it possible to drive to York??

"I like my job but can't handle it when I'm told to do one thing then someone moves the goalposts" - I completely hear you girlfriend. It sometimes happens at school for one reason or another and it's so hard sometimes to know whether i am coming or going!

I have no doubt that me and you were meant to be friends! There are no others that come close in my opinion. I mean i love all of you girlies a lot and you all have very different qualities. However, you are the one i speak to the most and i think we are on the same wavelength 99.9% of the time! Yeah i guess we are both crafty teehee. You still do the craft evenings? I miss them. I know i only went to a few but really enjoyed them, especailly the company! I know this point isnt really the same but it does involve music. My uncle is a photographer (as you know) for a band. I went to see them last week coz they performed near me. They will be performing again in may if you would like to come along. There music is actually really good live, i love live musac hehe... website of breathing space if you wanna listen to some of their stuff. They do have a diff site but cant remember it. They dont really have a uniformed band look but the music is quite good and the way they play the intruments live is phemonenal! - you can stay at mine if you like, or, we could go to york where they play alot and ask to stay at my uncles. You could take your camera and he would show you what looks good for band photography if you wanted. "both have our quirks that make us us and don't care about looking silly when we show them." here here!

Are you allowed to say what the "project" is? If i can assist you in any way please please do not hessitate to ask! If you have something i could be doing while off work, e-mail and i will help out!

Dont feel pants hannie pants... You know that it takes more than cookery to break this friendship, if anything!!!!
I hope these bloggings (hehe new word there) have eased some of the pain you had. Love you heaps and tonnes.

Kewey out.xx

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