Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hey u

Hiya Hannie pants. Sorry for not replying to your blogs recently, I am off work sick at the moment. Feel really guttered about ur pants week and the fact that you think we are drifting apart... I hope we really arent and that the issues are purely a blip. I love you girlies more than anything... bit like daddy or chips ad, out of friends, chips, chocolate, films, music, sweeties or anything i choose friends!!!!!!!!!!

I have been feeling quite low recently, having to work 2 jobs, not having many friends here, learning to drive (which is driving me insane) and feeling under the weather is just seriously bugging me.

Sarge only came to my place for new year because we were discussing going to bedford town but what with him being my transport, both of us having to juggle work and not really knowing what our families were doing it was sort of last min. He called me becuase he was cancelling, i had booked it off work but he was told he had to work. In the end he phoned me again because he really didnt fancy spending it with his fam and he knew that i was going to be staying local. He didnt get here until late, after he had finished his shift and by the time we had both eaten and got ready it was trez late. I felt bad to have not spent it with u also, i did say this to sarge hence the texts. I miss you girlies serious amounts and to be honest it's really really doin my nut in... but hopefully (without giving ANYTHING away) I will be driving down to your neck of the woods soon (unless i chicken out of motorway driving)! lol

It would be lovely if we could do something for serena, we could make it a joint serena crimbo thing... possible maybe!

I will do the desktop thing when i am not being nagged by twin to watch the holiday. I do not have your skills in being able to watch a film and type at the same time... maybe it's one i will learn! lol.

I love you girlie and no matter what i am here for you... please please dont think that i have moved on from uni and away from my girlies coz i most certainly havent!

You along with the others, are always in my thoughts.

Kewey out.xxxxxx

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