Sunday, 20 January 2008

Pictures in a Gallery

So just before Christmas I bought a PAYG phone to use rather than my n73 - good phone good features but just wasn't working for me. Tesco have a sort of loophole that means that if you just plain don't like it you can take the mobile back with in 28 days. So earlier this week I took my phone back and exchanged for a Samsung D900i and love it. Because of the style it can look like I am reading a text rather than taking a picture - as you know I love my natural photos rather than posed. It also means that I can take more photos for the blog.

This first photo was my project for the evening. We were due to go to One:Worship at Christchurch - except that they moved the times and Chris had forgotten to let everyone know. We coulde still go but we would be late and it's not a church that you can sneak into easily. So Chris came up with the idea of creating a prayer room upstairs to be linked with Hope 08. I decided that I would draw out a map of Bedford - in the end this wasn't a viable option so I printed off about 6 maps from google and then matched them up and drew letters and created this on one of the walls. While I was doing that Rikki created this in the window so that everyone in the church could see what was going on.

This morning we had a rehearsal for Joseph and my brother was wearing this T-Shirt. I'm not the greatest fan of Family Guy and I ended up taking a photo of his shirt lol.

There's a house over the street from us - I noticed late last week that their Christmas tree was still in the window. Then I noticed it the middle of this week didn't think anything of it. It's now still there!!! It's the 20th January and their tree is still there. Thats was the random lights are in the middle of the picture lol.

I walked into town yesterday when I went to meet Yolissa, Isis Carol and Kelly. A while ago Phil told me this story about him stealing his housemates cuddly Heffalump because he was bored. I saw this sat outside the charity shop on Castle Road and took a picture to send to Phil.

The next pictures are the adventures of us in town. The first is Yolissa's Hot chocolate - it was like a work of art all it's own lol. The next picture is Yolissa and Isis taking random pictures. I didn't quite take the photo in time and Isis had moved so it went blurry. By the end of lunch I think Isis was bored and so made a ketchup heart on her plate. I was playinng with my phone as I had finished and so took a hi-speed photo of it.

I thought you might appreciate this random photo that i took on the way to town, there was a driveway which had a mini river where the water was running to teh drain - obviously a car had leaked some petrol or oil into the water and there was this pretty rainbow. (I'm listening to the BBC cover of Perfect Day - I love this song - i might post the lyrics in a sec and a link to the video - it was for an advert but I love it!)

I was brainstorming holiday ideas and this was my piece of paper. There were so many different cities, museums, monuments etc on it. There's things like the Bradenburg Gate in Berlin - it's one of the few bits of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. There's the Eiffel and the Lourve. A bit further down there's the Auschwitz Memorial and Ljiubana which is the capital of Slovenia (day trip distance to Italy or the other way round).

One of the guys at work turns 40 on Wednesday and becuase of that we had cake and lots of fun on Friday. It started about Wednesday when I spent quite alot of the afternoon cutting out bits for his birthday card. Thursday afternoon me and Abby then spend like half an hour to an hour blowing up balloons and drawing faces and phrases on them. The balloons were then hidden in the accounts office until Friday morning when Abby and Hina decorated the meeting room. Then when Pete was in the canteen me and Abby collected the balloons and sprinted (literally!) to his office across the yard in the Green barn. We emptied the bags of balloons and that was the photo i took very quickly before we ran back to teh office.

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